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Helping businesses support their managers, with our Team Evolution Program so they can create teams with a relentless focus on business goals. 

Is your business struggling to build productive and innovative teams due to your burnt out and underdeveloped managers?

Let us help you! 


Hi....I'm ALEXIS Donachie

I am a management expert. I specialise in helping managers manage their workplace stress, improving their leadership and create engaged team. I do this by teaching them skills they need to become more mindful and effective at workplace.

I am the management mentor you are looking for. I have had over 20 years industry experience and have been helping managers increase their productivity without burnout and guiding them how to build motivated and creative teams.

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Hi.....I'm Alexis

I am the founder of Manager IQ. My passion is people and making a positive impact on the world. My mission is to enable managers to increase their confidence, capability and effectiveness to ensure they have a positive effect on their people and the businesses they support.

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Team Evolution Program

A program designed to provide a safe place for managers to master their craft, be part of a supportive community and give back to their peers.

Our program and community strives to take the guesswork out of management and create a positive ripple effect to the people managers lead. 

We focus on team culture, performance and innovation. 

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Manager Onboarding Program

Help your manager get off to the right start, expedite their knowledge of your company and provide them the best new starter experience. If you look after them, they will in turn look after your people!

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Other Ways to Work With Me

Consulting Services

Working with businesses to improve their management practices.

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New Manager Development Program

An online manager transitional program.

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